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We are Temple Turmeric™ – formerly TumericALIVE – purveyors of the world’s first and finest family of turmeric-based beverages created to support your positive inflammation response. Turmeric is a multi-functional principle herb in healthy living for millions around the globe. Guided by our proprietary varietal of volcanic organic, non-GMO Hawaiian Oana Turmeric™, our devotion is sharing soulful health and an energy of awareness for your body as Temple. Each drinkable serving of our turmeric juice offers Hawaiian Oana Turmeric plus synergistic botanicals for optimized absorption. We then utilize cold-pressure (HPP) technology for a revolutionary way to access this nutritional powerhouse.

Honor Your Body with our Hawaiian Oana Turmeric
The name Temple is a perfect expression of our deep-rooted belief that we should live with presence in each moment and honor our bodies as the sanctuaries of health and positive energy that they are.

— Daniel Sullivan, Founder & CEO

Turmeric Radiance Self Care | Temple Turmeric
As February 14th approaches, the spirit of love is alive and tangible. Sharing love for others brings great joy and it is true that love you put into the world always seems to come back to you by double. While sharing love of others is tremendously satisfying, sometimes love for ourselves becomes a lower priority....
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