Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney has dedicated the last 20 years to the pursuit of awakening consciousness by focusing on cultivating strength, energy and metal clarity.   Co-Founder of the Bridge Practice, which fuses Yoga, Qi Gong, Vedanta, and Taoism, Kevin opens heart and minds with his approachable teaching style – full of authenticity, kindness and lightheartedness.   Vogue magazine called The Bridge Practice, “The enlightenment workout,” and named kevin’s latest retreat one of the “7 Best Retreats of the Summer.”   In addition to The Bridge Practice, Kevin teaches yoga annually at the Bonnaroo Musical Festival, is an acclaimed teacher-trainer, contributor to the Wanderlust and Boston Yoga School 200/500hr programs, and provides meditation and wellness consulting for corporate executives.   Kevin currently leads workshops, special events, and retreats around the world.   He also created Nada Sadhana, a music project whose debut release became one of the most listened to albums in yoga studios across the country. When off-duty, Kevin splits time between Brooklyn and his second home, Nosara, Costa Rica. Follow his journey at @kevinjcourtney,, and

Stephen Smith

Stephen is an agrarian, adventure travel and lifestyle photographer. Growing up in North Carolina in an active family he spent most of his developmental days outside exploring his grandmother's farm, the woods, streams and lakes of this bio-diversifed Southern landscape. Stephen received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Colorado while finding time to explore the Rocky Mountains. Five months on a solo motorcycle adventure through South America piqued his interest in farming, grape growing and winemaking leading him to Napa, CA where he got his hands dirty working for boutique wineries and vineyards. In 2012, he found his next job and moved back to Colorado to work as the Director of Business Development for the first Organic distillery in the US and only Biodynamic vineyard in Colorado. Half a year on a 90,000 acre cattle ranch opened Stephen's eyes to large scale land management, animal husbandry as well as agricultural and economic diversification.  Check out Stephen's work at and follow him on Instagram.

Candace Cabrera Moore

Candace Cabrera Moore is an entrepreneur. She is a full-time yoga instructor, healthy living blogger, and the founder of, a one stop shop for all your yoga needs including hundreds of free yoga videos. Together with her team, YBC has released a popular yoga app, a discovery box program featuring incredible small businesses in the health and wellness industries, and later this year, a yoga book. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Liz Arch

Liz Arch is the creator of Primal Yoga®, a dynamic yoga/martial arts fusion class that merges Vinyasa yoga with the artistry of Kung Fu and the grace of Tai Chi into a creative, intelligent and mindful flow. She has over 10 years of experience in various yoga and martial arts styles including Vinyasa Yoga, traditional Northern-style Kung Fu, Yang-style Tai Chi, Self Healing Qi Gong and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She is an athlete for Under Armour and travels the world leading teacher training programs, workshops and yoga retreats. She is a firm believer in the capacity of yoga to heal on both a physical and emotional level.  She currently serves as Board Chair for The Purple Dot Yoga Project, a non-profit organization that raises awareness for domestic violence by supporting and empowering individuals affected by trauma and abuse through yoga. She also serves as an Advisory Board Member for A Window Between Worlds, a national non-profit organization that uses art as a healing tool to empower and transform the lives of individuals and communities impacted by domestic violence and trauma. Connect with her online at, Facebook or Instagram.

Kayvon Afsarifard

Kayvon teaches yoga in Orange County, California with passion for helping students explore mindful and intelligent movements though their own mind/body connection. Always a student, he continues his education by taking workshops and intensives from a few of his favorite teachers, Josh Vincent and Annie Carpenter. He is an active participant in the Acro Yoga community and loves to explore alignment and proper technique to make seemingly impossible tasks look effortless. As a Pepperdine graduate student, Kayvon currently studies clinical psychology in order to help others learn to use their minds more effectively and live happier and healthier lives. Join Kayvon on Instagram.

Ben Donnelly

Ben Donnelly currently lives in Vail, Colorado, where he owns a small pedicab business and teaches adaptive skiing.  He considers himself a bit of a “flow junkie” and when not sharing the joy of moving meditation with others, he  generally pursues it on his own or with friends in the forms of skiing, ski mountaineering, rock climbing, slack-lining, high-lining, mountain biking, unicycling, juggling, acrobatics and yoga. Ben believes that these activities along with loving relationships, jaw droppingly stunning scenery, and deliciously soul nourishing foods are the path to enlightenment. Ben loves this path so much that he never wants to arrive at his destination. Follow Ben on Instagram.


Andrew Sealy

Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a yoga artist, and a movement creator. His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love to friends around the world. Through the unique practice of Yoga, Andrew embodies progressive knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students. Andrew’s teachings aim to answer the question: How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain? Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Matt Giordano

Yoga instructor Matt Giordano (500 ERYT) gives credit to an influential figure from his teenage years--his high school art teacher-- for sparking within him the curiosity and tenacity that eventually led him to yoga. It was Eileen Walk who told Giordano: "You are not allowed to say 'I can’t.' You must rephrase to a question: 'How?’” 

That inquisitive and unrelenting spirit laid the foundation for Matt to begin a devoted yoga practice. When coupled with his passion to understand the physics and subtle alignment of the body, Matt’s dharma as a teacher came into focus.

Originally from Sea Cliff, Long Island, Giordano is primarily based in Connecticut and Manhattan, where he teaches at local studios and shows off his daring side riding motorcycles along the open road. Matt is often on the go, traveling internationally to teach yoga and perform acrobatics. Well-known for his ability to guide students deeply into postures with his refined attention to detail and precise action cues, Giordano is an adept guide for all-levels students at festivals, workshops and in his weekly studio classes. His study of biomechanics and integrative mind-body techniques informs his teaching, as he draws upon wisdom from traditions of yoga, martial arts (Aikido and Tae Kwan Do).

Tess Masters

Tess Masters is an actor, cook, and author of The Blender Girl cookbook, The Blender Girl Smoothies, and creator of The Blender Girl Smoothies app. She shares her enthusiasm for healthy living on

As a presenter and recipe developer, Tess collaborates with leading food, culinary, and lifestyle brands. She has been featured in the L.A Times, Washington Post, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Prevention, Real Simple, Family Circle, Clean Eating, Vegetarian Times, Veg News, Living Without, Allergic Living, Thrive, Today.Com,, Shape.Com, Glamour.Com, FootNetwork.Com, Parents.Com, Chow.Com, among other publications around the world.

Away from the blender, Tess enjoys a diverse performance career. She has toured internationally with stage productions, worked in film and television, and lent her voice to commercial campaigns, audiobooks, and popular videogame characters.

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