Honor Your Body™

Beyond turmeric juice, every bottle of Temple Turmeric is packed with 5,000 to 13,000 mg of whole root, organic Hawaiian Oana Turmeric™ and adaptogenic ingredients like black pepper, ginger and plant-based fats to support the bioavailability of turmeric's most researched phytocompound, curcumin.


Honor your Body as Temple and discover your favorite way to Drink Enlightenment:


Our original line of Elixirs offers symphonic adaptogens to support the bioavailability of 10,000-13,000 mg of whole root, organic Hawaiian Oana Turmeric in every bottle.

Super Blends

Satisfyingly decadent, dairy-free Super Blends offer fulfilling drinkable meals with deep nutrition from plant-based fats, omegas, proteins and fiber to nourish your body and soul.

Super Tonics

Super Tonics are pure and dynamic blends of herbs and botanicals, plus 10,000 mg Hawaiian Oana Turmeric, to offer life force energy for you to experience your daily adventure.

Super Lights

Super Lights are enlightening probiotic refreshments with only 40 calories. They offer a light, vibrant introduction to turmeric with 5,500 mg of turmeric in every bottle.

More items made with mindfulness for purchase coming soon.

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