Supporting the Whole Planet Foundation

Whole Planet Foundation “Investing in a Future Without Poverty”


When we were down in Austin for the Whole Foods Tribal Gathering, we got to join the Whole Planet Foundation event. The team behind the Whole Planet Foundation linked up with Hops & Grains, a local brewery in Austin, to craft an incredible tasting beer the smartly named “The SupPORTER”. There was a good beer, food from WF vendors, board games and great people. 

If you’ve been to a WF in the last few weeks, you may been asked to make a donation of any amount, as little a $1 makes a difference. To date, we the COMMUNITY, who shops at Whole Foods and believes we have the ability to create a better world, have raised more than $5.4 million dollars, quickly near there $7 million goal.


The Whole Planet foundation is directly funding microfinance loans in countries around the world. Microfinance has recently become a sought after method for development. Rather than just donating x amount dollars to a charity or large organization, MF groups are smaller and localized. Allowing funds to go directly to funding a project as a loan rather than a donation. Local people are given a chance to start their business, invest in materials they need to better their business and earn a living. By providing a loan and an opportunity to create a business that will lead to sustainable development and growth, individuals are empowered to lift themselves out of poverty.

The foundation donates 100% of all donations to reputable MF agencies around the world. To date, over 2.4 million people have been supported in 59 countries, with a  repayment rate of 97%. in parternship with Muhammad Yunus, considered the “father of Microfinance”, the non-profit has provided funds, training, and financial services to the self-employed poor. 

Poverty is something that affects everyone; the interconnected nature of our global community is giving us the opportunity to provide the ability for someone struggling in poverty to join to the working force and be a player in the economy. Visit the site to learn more and get involved.

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