TumericALIVE- Best Kept Secret for Hangovers

Tis the season of hangovers! With Halloween, Thanksgiving and all the Holiday parties around the corner, one thing is clear, we need to find ways to avoid the dreaded hangover. With so much drinking and celebrations on the horizon, some wasted Saturdays on the couch seem to be in the not-so-distant future.

While there are several different factors that can affect the level of hell you feel the next day, one of the most common is dehydration. The ethanol in alcohol dehydrates your body causing head pounding aches, dry mouth and fatigue. Your liver gets thrown into overdrive trying to break down the ethanol, this compromises the livers ability to do its job. The liver gets overworked and is unable to produce glucose, the main source of energy for the brain. Lacking glucose is the culprit behind Breaking Bad marathons.


One of the best ways to avoid a hangover is to prevent it in the first place. Don’t let this be you !  Try these three steps to beat your hangover.

1) Turmeric– We love turmeric and we’re not afraid to show it. It is the ultimate superfood. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric makes this the best remedy for a hangover. It helps mop up the acid residue left behind from the alcohol, prevents and relieves nausea, detoxifies the liver and lifts your spirits. Best way to enjoy? TumericALIVE Pineapple Elixir as a mixer or a chaser. The electrolytes and potassium in the drink will help prevent any next day pain.

2) Activated Charcoal– Activated Charcoal has been used for centuries as a quick way to alleviate tummy troubles. It absorbs, attracts and holds any substantial molecules and rid them from your body. Take a powder or capsule form on the days of drinking.

3) DIY Herb Tea Blend– If you do end up hungover because you didn’t drink enough Tumeric, steep a homemade brew of thyme leaves, fennel, ginger, and honey for a powerful hangover remedy to soothe any stomach issues.

We are all about balance; we love our red wine as much as our down dogs. We want to party at night and get up for class in the morning. Use these tips to #saveyoursaturday.

Have any hangover cures that work for you? Let us know!

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